Hayek on Video

Hayek’s 1978 UCLA Oral History interviews

Hayek interviewed in 1978, 1 (RM)

Hayek interviewed in 1978, 2 (RM)

Hayek interviewed in 1978, 3 (RM)

“Inside the Hayek Equation”

“Hayek: Freedom’s Philosopher”

Friedrich Hayek interviewed by John O’Sullivan in 1985:

Will Wilkinson and Bruce Caldwelld discuss Hayek:

“The Commanding Heights:  Vienna & the Soviet Union”

Kurt Luebe speaking on Hayek.

The Hayek vs. Keynes rap.

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I recommend [F. A. Hayek's The Sensory Order] to your attention as an exercise in profound thinking by a man who simply considers knowledge for its own sake. What impressed me most is his understanding that the key to the problem of perception is to comprehend the nature of classification. Taxonomists have struggled with this problem many times, but I think von Hayek considered this problem in a broader sense. — Gerald Edelman

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