Video — Hayek on Keynes

Hayek on Keynes — 1978

Hayek on Keynes — 1983

Roger Garrison – Hayek and Keynes Head to Head

Roger Garrison — Hayek v. Keynes

See also Roger Garrison’s PowerPoint presentation:  Hayek vs Keynes — Head-to-Head

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A Great Line From Thomas Sowell

“Some people think that nonsense is too silly to answer. But not answering it can just allow nonsense to prevail.” — Thomas Sowell

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Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour in ..

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Hundreds of Hayek-Thatcher documents released by the Margaret Thatcher Foundation

The Margaret Thatcher Foundation has release hundreds of documents related to the Hayek – Thatcher relationship.  Here is a letter from Thatcher to Hayek dated May 18, 1979.

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Ronald Hamowy Has Died

Ronald Hamowy has died.  Hamowy was Hayek’s student at the U. of Chicago and editor of the magnificent Collected Works edition of F. A. Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty.

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Milton Friedman’s 100th Birthday – Celebrate by Spending some Time with Milton

Here’s a great conversation with Milton Friedman hosted by Brian Lamb, and another with Russ Roberts from EconTalk.

Google and YouTube have a great collection of Milton Friedman video highlights.

No man was a greater influence on the thinking of Milton Friedman than Friedrich Hayek — and no man influenced by the ideas Friedrich Hayek had a greater impact on the world than Milton Friedman.

Raise a toast to Milton Friedman.  He would have been 100 years old today.

Lots more on Milton Friedman at my Twitter feed.

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