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Baseball injustice vs “the aristocracy of pull”

Steve Horwitz has a fine post over at Coordination Problem on rule following and umpire error.

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Hayek & Sable on Reason, Rules, Organization & Law

Amy J. Cohen,  “Governance Legalism: Hayek and Sabel on Reason and Rules, Organization and Law”.  From the abstract: The field of new governance has generated passionate debate about the potential effects of its efforts to democratize political decision making through … Continue reading

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Postema Does Hayek on Rules & Social Evolution

From the Abstract: Questions about the nature of informal social rules have become a major focus of attention in legal theory in recent decades. Friedrich Hayek worked out a systematic explanation of the emergence and dynamics of informal social rules … Continue reading

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Elinor Ostrom Endorses Hayek’s Model of Economic Science

See Elinor Ostrom & Charlotte Hess, “Ideas, Artifacts, and Facilities: Information as a Common-Pool Resource”. Olstrom also frequently cites Hayek’s work on social rules and local knowledge in many of her books & book articles and in her journal publications. … Continue reading

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Nobels for Ostrom & Williamson Get at Big Thumbs Up From Hayekian Economists

Peter Boettke, Lynne Kiesling, Peter Klein, Vernon Smith, David Henderson, Don Boudreaux, and other Hayekian economists are all applauding the award of the Nobel Prize in Economics to Lin Ostrom and Oliver Williamson. Here’s Boettke on Ostrom: We can talk … Continue reading

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