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hayek quotes: Sound Public Policy Depends On Sound Economic Science

From F. A. Hayek’s “Principles or Expediency?”: What helpful insight science can provide for the guidance of policy consists in an understanding of the general nature of the spontaneous order, and not in any knowledge of the particulars of a … Continue reading

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hayek quote: What Does Social Theory Study?

Friedrich Hayek opposed the view of Lionel Robbins, Ludwig Mises and most textbooks which identifies “human action” or “human behavior” as the subject matter of economic science.  Instead, Hayek shares the view of Carl Menger and Adam Smith which identifies … Continue reading

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depression economics: The Evidence Is In

The “Keynesian Solution” recommended by the professors is crippling the economy.  A bug or a feature? Of course, if the real goal is to promote government at the expense of civil society and to create a one-party state in which … Continue reading

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video: Peter Schiff Interviewed by TIME’s Justin Fox

Watch the video.  Read the article.  Quotable: the main issue with Schiff seems to be that he hasn’t changed his tune — and it isn’t a pleasant tune to listen to. He thinks the “phony economy” of the U.S. is … Continue reading

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books: Jeff Tucker on Hayek’s Public Domain & Copyrighted Works

Jeffery Tucker describes the difficult process of untangling the copyrighted and public domain works of Friedrich Hayek recently undertaken by the Mises Institute, and he goes on to explains how a deal struck between the U. of Chicago Press & … Continue reading

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book: Justin Fox’s _The Myth of the Rational Market_

English major and Marxist social critic Rob Horning reviews The Myth of the Rational Market:  A History of Risk, Reward and Delusion on Wall Street by TIME magazine’s Justin Fox: Fox’s account of the rational market revolves around the long-held … Continue reading

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