politicians: “Why The Worst Get To The Top”

A contemporary update from Mark Steyn:

The real [psycho-social] bubble [of the politicians] is a consequence of big government. The more the citizenry expect from the state, the more our political class will depend on ever more swollen Gulf Emir-size retinues of staffers hovering at the elbow to steer you from one corner of the fishbowl to another 24/7. “Why are politicians so weird?” a reader asked me after the Sanford news conference. But the majority of people willing to live like this will be, almost by definition, deeply weird. So big government more or less guarantees rule by creeps and misfits. It’s just a question of how well they disguise it. Writing about Michael Jackson a few years ago, I suggested that today’s A-list celebs were the equivalent of Mad King Ludwig of Bavaria or the loopier Ottoman sultans, the ones it wasn’t safe to leave alone with sharp implements. But, as Christopher Hitchens says, politics is show business for ugly people. And a celebrified political culture will inevitably throw up its share of tatty karaoke versions of Britney and Jacko.

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  1. Ivan Soto says:

    So, what do we do about it? We should start by getting in the habit of asking candidates, “What will your administration / legislative initiatives NOT do for us citizens. We demand a diminishing role for government, not an ever-increasing one!”

    Alas, the infantile civic behavior that is part of our contemporary ethos, makes slim the chances that candidates will be challenged in that way!

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