Firestorm! Friedrich Hayek in the High Schools! Oh My!

Propose teaching the dead ideas of conspiracy theorist and failed economist Karl Marx to high school students and everyone yawns.

Propose teaching F. A. Hayek to Texas teens?  Well, the blogosphere explodes in controversy.   Currently there are over 5,000 blog posts on Hayek and the Texas Board of Education decision to include the famous thinker in the curriculum.  Examples.  The Freakonomics blogs — predictably — questions the numbers, and goes in search of “F. H. Hayek”.  The Village Voice has a field day recounting the reaction of “Rightbloggers” to the addition of Hayek to the high school curriculum in Texas.  Meanwhile, William Easterly is getting a lot of attention for his defense of Hayek as an economist worthy of attention in the classroom.

My reaction?  I say teach the controversy.

And if you are among those wondering if Hayek is worthy of study in the classroom, let me suggest taking a quick look at this and this.

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