YouTube — William White, Bruce Caldwell, Alex Leijonhufvud & Tony Lawson at the Soros Conference

Hayekian economists confront the economics profession at the inaugural conference of The Institute for New Economic Theory at Cambridge:

William White’s written paper is here.

Bruce Caldwell’s written text is here. (Note that Caldwell misrepresents Hayek’s economics when he claims that Hayek opposed post-bust counter-deflationary policies — Hayek endorsed these as early as 1931 and as late as the 1980s, and as Steven Horwitz and Lawrence White explain Hayek’s picture of the relation between money demand and consumption / production processes imply policies to counter both pre-bust inflation and post-bust deflation.)

The remarks of these Hayek-informed economists are also well worth your consideration:

Tony Lawson’s written paper is here.

I also recommend Roman Frydman’s paper.

All INET Cambridge conference papers and videos can be found here.

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