NOW SHIPPING — Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty: Definitive Edition edited by Ronald Hamowy

I just ordered a copy of the new Collected Works edition of F. A. Hayek’s master work, The Constitution of Liberty: The Definitive Edition edited by Ronald Hamowy. The paperback edition is currently selling for only $13.94.

The hard cover edition will set you back $85.00, which actually is less than most books of this kind.

Hamowy, an outstanding scholar of classic liberal ideas, was Hayek’s student at the University of Chicago. His new “definitive edition” has been much anticipated.

Here is the U. of Chicago Press’s description of the book:

The latest entry in the University of Chicago Press’s series of newly edited editions of Hayek’s works, The Constitution of Liberty is, like Serfdom, just as relevant to our present moment. The book is considered Hayek’s classic statement on the ideals of freedom and liberty, ideals that he believes have guided — and must continue to guide — the growth of Western civilization. Here Hayek defends the principles of a free society, casting a skeptical eye on the growth of the welfare state and examining the challenges to freedom posed by an ever expanding government — as well as its corrosive effect on the creation, preservation, and utilization of knowledge. In opposition to those who call for the state to play a greater role in society, Hayek puts forward a nuanced argument for prudence. Guided by this quality, he elegantly demonstrates that a free market system in a democratic polity — under the rule of law and with strong constitutional protections of individual rights — represents the best chance for the continuing existence of liberty.

Striking a balance between skepticism and hope, Hayek’s profound insights are timelier and more welcome than ever before. This definitive edition of The Constitution of Liberty will give a new generation the opportunity to learn from his enduring wisdom.

Here is the table of contents:

Editorial Foreword

Introductory Essay

The Constitution of Liberty: Editions and Translations
A Note on the Notes
Editor’s Acknowledgments


Bibliographical Abbreviations


PART I. The Value of Freedom

One Liberty and Liberties
Two The Creative Powers of a Free Civilization
Three The Common Sense of Progress
Four Freedom, Reason, and Tradition
Five Responsibility and Freedom
Six Equality, Value, and Merit
Seven Majority Rule
Eight Employment and Independence

PART II. Freedom and the Law

Nine Coercion and the State
Ten Law, Commands, and Order
Eleven The Origins of the Rule of Law
Twelve The American Contribution: Constitutionalism
Thirteen Liberalism and Administration: The Rechtsstaat
Fourteen The Safeguards of Individual Liberty
Fifteen Economic Policy and the Rule of Law
Sixteen The Decline of the Law

PART III. Freedom in the Welfare State

Seventeen The Decline of Socialism and the Rise of the Welfare State
Eighteen Labor Unions and Employment
Nineteen Social Security

Twenty Taxation and Redistribution

Twenty-one The Monetary Framework
Twenty-two Housing and Town Planning
Twenty-three Agriculture and Natural Resources
Twenty-four Education and Research


Postscript: Why I Am Not a Conservative

Analytical Table of Contents
Index of Authors Cited
Index of Subjects

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  1. Ryan Murphy says:

    Was it Hamowy who was sharply critical of CoL’s definition of coercion?

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