pdf: “The Road to Serfdom” – The Reader’s Digest Condensed Version

UPDATE:  The new paperback edition of The Road to Serfdom is on sale at Amazon for $9.35.

Max Eastman and the editors of Reader’s Digest wrote the condensed version of Friedrich Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom” (pdf), which was read by millions of Americans at home and by servicemen all of the world when it was published in April of 1945.  It was the Reader’s Digest condensed version which turned Hayek’s little book into an American sensation — and Hayek into a public celebrity.  The Reader’s Digest had a circulation at the time of more the 5 million copies, and the little journal was provided to each American serviceman, at home and abroad.  Sociologist Robert Nisbet remembered reading the article on a ship homeward bound from the European theater after WWII. How to get modafinil cheaper http://www.buymodafinil-online.com/how-to-buy-modafinil-online/

An additional 600,000 copies of the condensed version were later printed and distributed through the Book of the Month club and by non-profit civic groups.

Here, in any case, is section two of Max Eastman’s “condensation” of Friedrich Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom:

In order to achieve their ends the planners must create power – power over men wielded by other men – of a magnitude never before known. Their success will depend on the extent to which they achieve such power. Democracy is an obstacle to this suppression of freedom which the centralized direction of economic activity requires. Hence arises the clash between planning and democracy. Many socialists have the tragic illusion that by depriving private individuals of the power they possess in an individualist system, and transferring this power to society, they thereby extinguish power. What they overlook is that by concentrating power so that it can be used in the service of a single plan, it is not merely transformed, but infinitely heightened. By uniting in the hands of some single body power formerly exercised independently by many, an amount of power is created infinitely greater than any that existed before, so much more far-reaching as almost to be different in kind.

It is entirely fallacious to argue that the great power exercised by a central planning board would be ‘no greater than the power collectively exercised by private boards of directors’. There is, in a competitive society, nobody who can exercise even a fraction of the power which a socialist planning board would posses. To decentralize power is to reduce the absolute amount of power, and the competitive system is the only system designed to minimize the power exercised by man over man. Who can seriously doubt that the power which a millionaire, who may be my employer, has over me is very much less than that which the smallest bureaucrat possesses who wields the coercive power of the state and on whose discretion it depends how I am allowed to live and work? In every real sense a badly paid unskilled workman in this country has more freedom to shape his life than many an employer in Germany or a much better paid engineer or manager in Russia. If he wants to change his job or the place where he lives, if he wants to profess certain views or spend his leisure in a particular way, he faces no absolute impediments. There are no dangers to bodily security and freedom that confine him by brute force to the task and environment to which a superior has assigned him. ciprofloxacin online http://advicarehealth.com/ciprofloxacin.html

Our generation has forgotten that the system of private property is the most important guarantee of freedom. It is only because the control of the means of production is divided among many people acting independently that we as individuals can decide what to do with ourselves. When all the means of production are vested in a single hand, whether it be nominally that of ‘society’ as a whole or that of a dictator, whoever exercises this control has complete power over us. In the hands of private individuals, what is called economic power can be an instrument of coercion, but it is never control over the whole life of a person. But when economic power is centralized as an instrument of political power it creates a degree of dependence scarcely distinguishable from slavery …

The non-condensed version of Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom is currently #520 in books at Amazon.

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4 Responses to pdf: “The Road to Serfdom” – The Reader’s Digest Condensed Version

  1. Chris says:

    My dear God,

    These thoughts were put to us in 1945, 65 years ago and look where we are today in the USA. I can not distinguish my life from being enslaved.

    I will never be able to do as I wish, play as I wish or be as I wish. I will never be able to own property, for even if I pay it off, the governmental taxes will never allow me to own it free and clear.

    I work but 65% of my income is taken through taxing. I can not do as I wish with that. I am enslaved to work. I have owned homes before I lost them to $13,000 per year in property taxes. Property taxes paid with after payroll taxes were taken.

    I pray we take back our government and our Republic lives another 210 years, not letting China, India and the like enslave our kids and grand kids.

    Will you please become more active in controling our elected officials and make them serve us instead of us serving them?

    Chris from NJ

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  3. Prudent Man, CFA says:

    The plan started in the late nineteenth century and took hold in the 1920s influential academics who were enamored with Marxism and later FDR was taken in by Stalin. We have had minor breaks in the momentum these past decades by the Left’s ability to win elections but inability to govern. This is where the collectivist fail; they are primarily pie-in-the sky, ivory tower intellectual academics who cannot make it in a competitive Free Enterprise Economy. While they fail the country suffers real pain and the utopian theorists, who believe they are entitled to political and economic power, are useless and we fail to compete with foreign competition.

    All one has to do is look at our position in international economics since the Great Society of the sixties and see how we have regressed. When a nation spends wealth they have not yet created or earned they will collapse when they have to pay that debt off. The Radical Left has known this and is the reason for our unmanageable deficits. They will “transform” (sound familiar) our society to a collectivist command and control by Leftist elites. They will fail but the damage has already been done.

  4. lee1947 says:

    Just because the Republicans get back in power does not mean we can relax and trust they will do the right thing. Chris, you must read, watch, and know what is going on no matter who is leading the Government. Their power comes from US not ours from them. History is the key. I have been studying history for over 40 years, military history, Roman History, World History, and United States History. You can’t just read a history book you have to research for yourself to get the truth. The United States will survive, it may take a few years, but if you learn and teach your children History we will be around for several more years.

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