YOU VOTE — Who are the Top Hayekian Public Intellectuals in America?

It’s your turn. You decide who are the Top Hayekian Public Intellectuals in America. You can use whatever criteria you prefer. You can add any name you think is missing. You can pick as many choices as you feel deserve your vote.

UPDATE: Current leaders — Don Boudreaux, Thomas Sowell, Russ Roberts, Thomas Woods, Jr., Ron Paul, Robert Higgs …  UPDATE II:  Coming on strong — Mario Rizzo, John Stossel, Steve Horwitz, Peter Schiff, Walter Williams & George Selgin ..

UPDATE III: Some write-ins — William Butos, Robert Bork, Frederic Sautet, Jeffrey Herbener, Mark Stein, Brian Lee Crowley & Glenn Beck …  More write ins — Megan McArdle, Tom DiLorenzo, Peter Leeson, Ilya Somin …

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17 Responses to YOU VOTE — Who are the Top Hayekian Public Intellectuals in America?

  1. Islam Hussein says:

    Peter Boettke?

    Also, I am pretty sure I have read more Hayek (and Mises) than Malkin, Ayan Ali, and Rush but I am not on the list. None of them is an “intellectual”, why are these people on the list?

  2. George Selgin says:

    An odd mix, Greg: apples, oranges, and several nuts.

    I’m resisting voting for myself, despite the temptation. I’m hoping Steve Horwitz might do it for me whenever he get’s around to voting for himself yet again! (Just kidding, Steve!)

  3. You know George, it’s possible that people “out there” really do like my work. 😉

    In fact, I haven’t voted at all, precisely to avoid accusations of stuffing the ballot box. I suspect, however, that others might be!

    What really matters is that I’m ahead of you and Boettke!

  4. F.A. Hayek says:

    Ah, further proof that Austrian economics is a religious pursuit, complete with idol worshipping. “I’m most like Peter!” “I’m most like Moses!”

  5. Yeah, because god forbid we should be able to laugh at ourselves…

  6. l4k says:

    Why is Liggio on there twice?

  7. Right you are, Steve. This is a fun post.

    Now, of course, we might be reprimanded for game playing as opposed to doing serious work.

  8. Mike says:

    Isn’t Shostak based in Australia?

  9. Steve: Are you encouraging your students, etc., to vote?


  10. Newman Noggs says:

    Hmmmm. Trick question. You’re claiming that someone can be both an intellectual and a Hayekian?

    Dear me, dear me.

    Hmmm, I kind of like those Hayekians who have accepted tenure as US college professors but who then spend their time blogging against efforts to protect US jobs.

  11. Yes, Frank Shostak is based in Australia but he is also an Austrian and that makes him a citizen of the world!

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  14. David says:


    Rational self interest? Or as your daddy might have said it “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.”

  15. Steven Gjerstad says:

    Reply to Dave Prychitko (post #9). Jason Shogren described himself (jokingly?) as a socialist libertarian. Like all professors, he wants the government to give him money and then leave him alone.

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  17. Cass Sunstein should not be on this list. At first I thought it was a joke or a mistake and then I read your post on Obama. I’m not sure if your serious or trying to deceive people intentionally. Cass Sunstein is Keynesian and would rewrite the Constitution. He believes in FDR’s social engineering and expansive government. He believes in allowing freedom of choice but perversely advocates steering those choices for the individual’s on good since people arent’ smart enough to make choices for themselves. Please don’t perpetuate this destructive philosophy!

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