Hayek Timeline

May 8, 1899.  Friedrich A. Hayek is born in Vienna, Austria to August & Felicitas Hayek.

1915.  Hayek reads August Weisman’s Vortrage uber Descendenztheorie and a volume by Hugo De Vries.

1916-1917.  (Winter).  Hayek studies logic & the history of philosophy, acquires interest in ethical & social theory.

1916-1917.  (Winter)  Hayek reads four volumes by Ludwig Feuerbach.

1917 (March).   Hayek joins a field artillary regiment in Vienna.

1917.  (Fall)  Hayek is sent to the Italian front.

November 1918.  Hayek returns from war to Vienna.

November 1918.  Hayek begins studies at the U. of Vienna.

Winter, 1919-1920.  Hayek studies at the U. of  Zurich

1920 Hayek works in the laboratory of brain anatomist Constatin Monakow.

1921 Hayek takes position in the Abrechnungsamt, legal office administering the Treaty of St. Germain.

1922 Hayek begins thesis on the valuation of production goods under direction of Friedrich Wieser.

1923 Hayek works as a research assistant to Jeremiah Jenks at New York U. in New York City, USA.

1924 Hayek writes article on U.S. monetary policy since Federal Reserve Act in 1914.

1925 Hayek participates in Ludwig Mises seminar; Hayek marries Helen Fritsch.

1926 Friedrich Wieser dies, Hayek writes obituary notice for his mentor; Hayek visits London.

1927 Hayek establishes the Osterreichische Konjunkturforschungsinstitut, serving as director of the Instute.

1928 Hayek works on construction involving intertemporal price relations; Hayek’s father dies.

1929 Hayek uses his work in monetary economics to anticipate the U.S. economic downturn of late 1929.

1930 Hayek teaches as a Privatdozent at the U. of Vienna.

1931 Hayek gives “Prices and Production” lectures at Cambridge & the London School of Economics.

1932 Hayek engages in controversy over interest rates & intertemporal prices with Piero Sraffa.

1933 Hayek lectures on “Price Expectations, Monetary Disturbances and Malinvestments” in Copenhagen.

1934 L.S.E. edition of Carl Menger’s Grunsatze der Volkswirthschafslehre, edited by Hayek.

1935 Hayek introduces the continental debate on collectivist economic planning to Britian & America.

1936 Hayek speaks on “Economics & Knowledge” in Presidential Address to the London Economic Club.

1937 Hayek works on problems of the valuation of production goods.

1938 Hayek becomes naturalized British subject; sells collection of books on monetary theory.

1939 Hayek works on book project to be titled The Abuse and Decline of Reason.

1940 Publication of The Pure Theory of Capital; bombings of London force Hayek to Cambridge.

1941 Hayek works on Abuse of Reason project; Hayek family moves into adapted barn.

1942 Hayek gives lecture on “The Facts of the Social Sciences’ to the Moral Sciences Club, Cambridge.

1943 Part II of Hayek’s essay “Scientism and the Study of Society” is published in Economica.

1944 The Road to Serfdom rockets Hayek to international fame; Hayek elected to British Academy.

1945 Hayek lectures across America; “The Use of Knowledge in Society” published in the AER.

1946.  Hayek works on neuroscientific & philosophical project which will become The Sensory Order.

1947.  Hayek founds the Mont Pelerin Society, which holds its first meeting near Vevey, Switzerland.

1948.  Hayek’s Individualism and Economic Order is published in America.

1949.  Hayek’s “The Intellectuals and Socialism” published in the U. of Chicago Law Review.

1950 Divorces wife, marries Helene Bitterlich; joins the Committe on Social Thought at the U. of Chicago.

1951 Publication of John Stuart Mill & Harriet Taylor, a collection of letters edited by Hayek.

1952 Hayek publishes The Sensory Order, a landmark neurological account of human cognitive functioning.

1953 Hayek conducts philosophy of science faculty seminar, E. Fermi, S. Wright & M. Friedman participate.

1954 Hayek edits Capitalism & the Historians; begins retracing Mill’s travels through Italy & Greece.

1955 Hayek lectures on the rule of law in Cairo, Egypt; publication of “Degrees of Explanation”.

1956 Hayek begins work on The Constitution of Liberty.

1957 Hayek’s essay “Was ist und was heisst ‘sozial’?” is published.

1958 Publication of Hayek’s essay “Freedom, Reason, and Tradition”.

1959 Hayek completes The Constitution of Liberty; publishes essay “Bernard Mandeville”.

1960 Publication of Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty.

1961 Hayek begins planning for Law, Legislation and Liberty.

1962 Hayek joins the faculty of U. of Freiburg; publication of “Rules, Perception & Intelligibility”.

1963 Hayek presents series of lectures on economics at the U. of Chicago.

1964 Hayek lectures on “Kinds of Rationalism” at Rikko U., Tokyo.

1965 Hayek works on Law, Legislation & Liberty.

1966 Hayek hosts “Analogy Symposium”, Paul Feyerabend, Bruno Leoni & John Watkins participate.

1967 Hayek publishes Studies in Philosophy, etc.; Hayek’s mother dies.

1968 Hayek teaches seminar on the philosophy of social science at UC – Los Angeles.

1969 Hayek’s Law, Legislation & Liberty largely completed in draft form.

0 Hayek lectures on “The Errors of Constructivism” upon assumption of post at U. of Salzburg.

1971 Publication of Hayek’s essay “Principles or Expediency”.

1972 Hayek’s writings on inflation published as A Tiger by the Tail by the IEA in London.

1973 Publication of the first volume of Law, Legislation & Liberty.

1974 Hayek awarded Nobel Prize in Economics; delivers Nobel Lecture “The Pretence of Knowledge”.

1975 Hayek begins series of annual visits to the United States, lectures at the AEI & the Hoover.

1976 Publication of volume two of Law, Legislation & Liberty.

1977 Hayek begins planning a volume of essays to be titled What’s Wrong With Economics?

1978 Hayek delivers the Hobhouse lecture at the L.S.E. on “Three Sources of Human Values”.

1979 The final volume of Law, Legislation & Liberty is published.

1980 Hayek works on his final book project, The Fatal Conceit.

1981 Hayek publishes review of Thomas Sowell’s Knowledge & Decisions.

1982 Hayek’s essay “Two Pages of Fiction: The Impossibility of Socialist Calculation” is published.

1983 Hayek lectures on “The Origin & Effects of Our Morals: A Problem for Science” at the Hoover.

1984 Hayek’s essay “The Future Monetary Unit of Value” is published.

1985 Hayek drafts essay “The Presumption of Reason”, but fails to deliver paper due to illness.

1986 Hayek’s “The Moral Imperative of the Market” is published.

1987 Hayek’s essay “The Rules of Morality are Not the Conclusions of Our Reason” is published.

1988 Publication in Britain of Hayek’s final book, The Fatal Conceit.

1989 Hayek’s The Fatal Conceit is published in America

1990 Economic Freedom, a collection of Hayek’s essays is published.

1991 Publication of Hayek’s collected works begins with The Trend of Economic Thinking.

1992.  Friedrich A. Hayek dies in Freiburg, Germany.

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