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“Deflation .. Prolonged The Depression” — New Friedrich Hayek Interview

Now in English: Conversations with Great Economists:  Friedrich A. Hayek, John Hicks, Nicholas Kaldor, Leonid V. Kantorovich, Joan Robinson, Paul A.Samuelson, Jan Tinbergen by Diego Pizano. Originally published in Spanish as Dialogos Con Economistas Eminenes, (Mexico) Fondo de Cultura Economica, … Continue reading

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lit: “Hayek Translated: Some Words of Caution”

by Hansjörg Klausinger. From the Abstract: This note points to the problems arising from the translations of Hayek’s early German-language writings on monetary theory before 1931. Two issues are emphasised. First, some examples of misleading translations of outdated terminology are … Continue reading

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