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From Mamadou Koulibaly, President of Audace Institute Afrique: “The critical issue is not who governs but what government is entitled to do.”

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Quote of the Day

“Everywhere one looks statism is a failure. Contrast resource-rich Venezuela with Chile. Juxtapose Cuba to Colombia. Of course, compare Dark Age North Korea with the 21st-century South. Look at the UK in 1954 and 1990. They are rioting in Europe … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“A government which cannot obey any principles must maintain itself by handing out special favours to particular groups. It must buy its authority by discrimination.” — F. A. Hayek

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What’s YOUR favorite Hayek quote?

I’ve added a new “Hayek quote” feature over in the right hand column —-> I’m guessing I’ve missed a few.  What are your favorite Hayek quotes? I’ll take a few weeks hiatus blogging, and let’s see what I missed.  Comments … Continue reading

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hayek quotes: Sound Public Policy Depends On Sound Economic Science

From F. A. Hayek’s “Principles or Expediency?”: What helpful insight science can provide for the guidance of policy consists in an understanding of the general nature of the spontaneous order, and not in any knowledge of the particulars of a … Continue reading

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quotes for today: Why The Leftist Party Needs Enemies – from F. A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom

Friedrich Hayek explains why statist party leaders and ideological foot soldiers find vilification so important to their program: “It is in connection with the deliberate effort of the skilful demagogue to weld together a closely coherent and homogeneous body of … Continue reading

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