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Hayek on the Role of Money Liquidity … Another Idea Keynes Did _Not_ Originate

“In view of the apparently widespread impression that the influence of liquidity considerations on the rate of interest is a new discovery, the present author may perhaps be excused for pointing out that more than ten years ago he described … Continue reading

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Hayek on Money Disturbing Equilibrium

“It is one of the oldest facts known to economic theory that changes in the quantity of money, or changes in the ‘velocity of circulation’ (or the ‘demand for money’), will deflect the rate of interest from its equilibrium position … Continue reading

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GRAPH: New Home Sales vs Single Family House Starts Built for Sale

The graph explained.

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Part IV of Hayek’s _The Pure Theory of Capital_

Part IV of Hayek’s The Pure Theory of Capital is the chimeric “unwritten” 2nd “volume” of Hayek’s Pure Theory, the monetary part that goes beyond the “barter economy” and considers the phenomena of interest and production coordination and dis-coordination when … Continue reading

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A Terrific Interview with Peter Boettke

And five book recommendations.

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