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wikipedia: “Friedrich Hayek” Entry, Section 3

Here is the 3rd section of the “Friedrich Hayek” entry at Wikipedia. Check it, add to it, correct it, or improve it as you consider appropriate: Student and economist At the University of Vienna, he earned doctorates in law and … Continue reading

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lit: “Hayek Translated: Some Words of Caution”

by Hansjörg Klausinger. From the Abstract: This note points to the problems arising from the translations of Hayek’s early German-language writings on monetary theory before 1931. Two issues are emphasised. First, some examples of misleading translations of outdated terminology are … Continue reading

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econ: From Hayek -> Hicks -> Arrow

We know that much of Hick’s work was inspired by Hayek: “I can date my own personal ‘revolution’ rather exactly to May or June 1933. It was like this. It began . . with Hayek. His Prices and Production is … Continue reading

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prize money: “Sound Money” Essay Contest

The Atlas Foundation is sponsoring a “Sound Money” essay contest.  Entries are due in November.  Top prize is $5,000.

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politicians: “Why The Worst Get To The Top”

A contemporary update from Mark Steyn: The real [psycho-social] bubble [of the politicians] is a consequence of big government. The more the citizenry expect from the state, the more our political class will depend on ever more swollen Gulf Emir-size … Continue reading

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pierre lemieux: Obama As Student Of Hayek = FAIL

Barack Obama and some on his economic team claim to be students of Hayek.  But as Université du Québec economist Pierre Lemieux points out, Obama’s new plan to “regulate” the macroeconomy is premised on purely magical thinking where government bureaucrats … Continue reading

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