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SEMINAR: Hayek’s _The Road to Serfdom_

Taking Hayek Seriously has a diverse audience, and I’m going to be doing several seminars on several different Hayek works to reflect that diversity. This seminar will be on Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom, and I’ll be using the new … Continue reading

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Another Lefty Blames Hayek for the Crash & 3rd World Poverty

What’s not to love about non-sense like this: Neo-liberalism was far more ideological in temper than social democracy. It had a master theorist, Friedrich Hayek. And it had a faith: the wisdom of the market. Even though nowhere were the … Continue reading

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The Governor of Texas Says – “Read Hayek”

Look who’s recommending The Road to Serfdom now: Naturally, the governor is concerned about what is happening in Washington. When I ask him if Mr. Obama’s policies would send this country down the same path as California, Mr. Perry lunges … Continue reading

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Frydman & Goldberg on Hayek & Rational Expectations

Two more economists weigh in on the “what is wrong with macroeconomics” question: The economics literature is full of different models, each one assuming that it adequately captures how all rational market participants make decisions. Although the free-market Chicago school, … Continue reading

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William White — “The Man Nobody Wanted to Hear”

Der Spiegel goes in depth on the Hayek-inspired central bank economist who warned the world of the coming economic crisis. Earlier:  “Who Called the Bust?  Well, BIS Chief Economists William White For One” and “The Man Who Called The Crash … Continue reading

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SEMINAR: Hayek’s “Economics and Knowledge”

It’s seminar time folks.  I’m going to walk people through many of Hayek’s most significant works over the next weeks and months, most especially those most closely relevant to the current crisis in the economy — and in the economics … Continue reading

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