balloons: Friedrich Hayek was Born May 8th, 1899

Friedrich Hayek with his younger brother in 1903

Friedrich Hayek with his younger brother in 1903

The picture comes from Richard Zundritsc’s blog “Hayek in Vienna”.

If you’d like to raise one tonight in honor of Friedrich Hayek, consider popping a Burgundy, the man’s beverage of choice.  In his later years he’s open a bottle at dinner with his wife — and would sometimes take it with him to the study for a nightcap.

Hayek was born 110 years ago, on May 8, 1899.  To put this in perspective, there are 110 years between today and Hayek’s birth — and there are 110 years between Hayek’s birth and the start of the French Revolution and George Washington’s election as the first President of the United States.  Which is to say, the date of Hayek’s birth is as close to start of the American Presidency and the French Revolution as it is to you and I here today.

There are a number of good books on the turn of the century Vienna into which Friedrich Hayek was born, beginning with Carl Schorske’s outstanding Fin-De-Siecle Vienna.  For more such titles, look for the “Customers also bought .. ” listing.

You can read chapter one of Lanny Ebenstein’s Hayek biography — which begins with Hayek’s birth, his family, and Vienna — here.

UPDATE:  Mario Rizzo — “F. A. Hayek — A Personal Appreciation.” Quotable:

It is a testament to the importance of Hayek that he and John Maynard Keynes have been the two great economists most invoked in contemporary efforts to understand our current financial and economic problems. In all of this, the monetarists unfortunately seem to have been sidelined. I suggest that this is because Hayek and Keynes represent the fundamental economic and philosophical challenges to each other. The question today is as it was in the thirties: Hayek or Keynes. All else is footnote.

Be sure to check out additional recollections from Richard Ebeling, Roger Garrison and others in the comments section to Rizzo’s post.

UPDATE II:  The Mises Institute has all of its Hayek books on sale.

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  1. Speedmaster says:

    Thanks for a reminder, a brilliant mind and defender of liberty.

  2. fundamentalist says:

    Happy birthday Mr. Hayek! It may take another 110 years for mainstream econ to catch up to the great mind.

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