“Taking Hayek Serioulsly” is edited and written by Greg Ransom.

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  1. SIMON KARANJA says:


    So, so much has been said about the easy money. If I attribute the global financial melt down to this thesis, and then anticipate governments to take into administration every firm that is showing signs of going down, then who really is paying this off? Taxes are administered by the state, but they can be refused to be paid. Forget the legal consequences. Who then owns the debts?

  2. Sebastian says:

    Mr. Ransom can I contact you via mail? I’m a student from Poland searching for specific info about Hayek. What’s your mail?

  3. barry milliken says:

    I highly recommend Matt Ridley’s new book “The Rational Optimist”.
    It is basically an extended treatise on Hayek’s concept of Catallaxy.
    Ridley references Hayek admiringly.

    See my Amazon review at

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